Mission Statement

This site is for business and technology managers who desire to understand the enabling technologies that are driving change in today’s world. Through concise articles, short videos and community interaction, this site will clearly explain in plain English the key concepts of current technologies, data science and applied analytics while exploring the potential applications for your projects, your business and your career.

Individual success is driven by knowledge and understanding, I hope to provide the clarity required for both personal and professional growth.

My View

  • The world is drowning in data; the future will be driven by data analysis and led by those who are able to derive true insight.
  • IT is transforming and becoming more automated, more self-service and more agile.
  • Business leaders understand that opportunity exists and that the answers are in the data, but the right next step is less clear.
  • There are so many new technologies, tools and buzz-words that understanding the details and how all of the pieces fit together can be overwhelming.

I believe that the key to remaining relevant and achieving long term success lies in understanding the value of data, cultivating a mindset to see the possibilities and having the ability to engage with the people who can provide the analysis and insights. This site is not aimed at highly technical individuals or Data Scientists, this site is designed for those who will engage, employ, direct and manage those individuals and who need to understand the key concepts, constraints and decision criteria.

Featured Content


This site is not a sales pitch for products or services.  I am employed as a Client Solutions Director with EMC and so, I am admittedly biased in some areas. The members area will contain some content directed specifically towards my clients who have asked to understand certain technologies or concepts in more depth.  The opinions expressed here are purely my own and not endorsed or reviewed by EMC.

Content Topics

Content is driven by questions, comments and discussions along with my own personal areas of interest. My focus is primarily on the technologies that are driving change; Big Data, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Dev Ops and Applied Statistics.

E. Mark Malone, EMC - Client Solutions Director, Writer, & Consultant